Jeune Afrique - L'Intelligent
Tunis October 2000: The double issue (no. 2076-2077) of the weekly "Jeune Afrique - L'Intelligent" was blocked at the Tunis airport on 23 October 2000. The issue included a long article about historian, specialist on Islam and human rights defender Mohamed Talbi titled "The Tunisian Sakharov". Since April 2000, several issues of "Jeune Afrique - L'Intelligent" was distributed almost a full week late.

Guinea May 2004: The Ministry of Local Government (ministère de l'Administration du Territoire et de la Décentralisation, MATD) banned the sale of the 9 to 15 May 2004 edition (issue 2261). Evidently, the MATD was displeased with an article entitled, "Searching desperately for François Fall", published on page 12 of the paper. The article, written by "Jeune Afrique L'Intelligent" staff writer Cheick Yerim Seck, referred to measures which it claimed President Lansana Conté used to persuade François Lonceny Fall to rescind his decision to resign from his position as prime minister.That was the second time in two weeks that an edition of the newspaper had been prevented from going on sale. Issue 2260 of the paper (dated 2 to 8 May) remains in the MATD's possession. The ministry prevented circulation of the previous issue for similar reasons.
Guinea December 2003: State authorities banned an issue of the weekly. Court officials who carried out the seizure order on 10 December 2003, refused to give reasons for their action. The issue in question (no. 2239, dated 7 to 13 December) carried an article with the headline, "Witch-Hunt in Army", which is said to have displeased the Guinean authorities. The story documented examples of the wave of arrests and reprisals against key opposition figures and some army officials who are perceived to oppose the third term ambitions of the president, General Lansana Conté.

Morocco February 2000: On 15 February, the government blocked distribution of the weekly, in apparent response to its recent publication of a letter from a Moroccan expatriate living in Canada that questioned King Muhammad VI's commitment to reform in Morocco.

Algeria February 2004: Issue 2248 of February 2004, failed to appear on newsstands. The 8 to 14 February 2004 issue examined the role of the army in Algeria's recent history. The magazine's management said it was given no explanation as to why the issue was not distributed. Issue 2248 appears to have been held back by the Communications and Culture Ministry's press section, which is responsible for authorising the distribution of foreign publications.